Text Complete (English)

Text Complete (English) 4.50

This is a Palm extension to help you improve text entry on handheld devices
4.50.10 (See all)

Text Complete is a Palm extension to help you improve text It is a useful supplement, with which information is entered easier and more accurately. The program predicts the word you are entering on every tap and provides a suggestion list with words to choose from. Text Complete is specially designed to ease typing and decrease technical mistakes.
It automatically adds space after word is added.
Graffiti input, virtual keyboards, and built-in keyboard are supported.
There are 6 different language versions - Dutch, English, German, French, Spanish and Italian. Each language version comes with four dictionary databases for the particular language.
It supports more that one dictionary database at a time which makes the program a helpful tool for multi-language text entry.
By using this application you can enhance the typing speed and the accuracy of word prediction by sorting word lists by the frequency of use. Thus the more you use the program, the more relevant to your personal dictionary the word list will become.

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